Warwick Animal Hospital

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Grooming Services

Warwick Animal Hospital is proud to offer professional grooming and bathing services to our clients.

It is very important for certain breeds to have frequent grooming to maintain coat quality, prevent matting and skin problems, and just to make them feel beautiful.

We are an all-breed grooming facility, including cats. 

Why groom at Warwick?

  • Our groomers are experienced, efficient, and trained to identify multiple skin conditions, ear infections and skin growths, that can be examined by a doctor.
  • They are trained to assess and work with all different hair types, skin types, and personality traits.
  • They have over 30 years combined experience. 
  • Our groomers use high quality equipment that is maintained and sanitized; we also have many dermatological shampoos for various skin conditions. 
  • If your pet needs vaccines, an examination or treatment by one of our doctors, this can also be done while your pet is here for grooming.
  • They can go home from boarding clean and freshly groomed.
  • We offer early drop off and late pick up times, as well as Saturday grooming appointments for your convenience. 
  • Our groomers do their best to work around your busy schedule and will have your pets ready at your requested time.
  • They are all passionate about our clients. They strive to develop a personal relationship with each and every one of their grooming clients so their pets feel comfortable when they come to visit.

The following would be helpful to ensure your experience is a good one and everyone will achieve the result desired.

*Call in advance to reserve your grooming appointment.

*We will provide a grooming instruction sheet for you to fill out. Please be as specific as possible and take time to convey all requests to the groomer.Grooming Check In Form

*Current vaccinations and a negative fecal test are required for your pet to be groomed at our hospital.

*Please call ahead during holidays and in the summer as appointments fill up quickly.

Meet Shayna!

Shayna has been grooming since 2000, and here at Warwick Animal Hospital since 2009. She is from south Texas, loves softball, arts and crafts, and if she were not grooming she would be a professional chef! Shayna has 3 children and a Shih Tzu and Chihuahua. You will love her creative style with grooming and excellent hand-scissoring skills. She is especially good with dogs who need a little more patience.

Meet Brittany


Brittany has been grooming since 2010 and started at Warwick Animal Hospital in 2017.  She has 6 dogs and a brand new baby! Brittany has participated in  multiple grooming competitions. She won first in the Terriers division at The Pet Pro Classic in 2016 and first place in Mix Salon at Groom South.  She has won multiple other awards for bichons and poodles. She does hand stripping and hand scissoring as well. Grooming is her passion, but she is also an avid equestrian.

Meet Tracie

Tracie has worked at Warwick Animal Hospital since 2009, and has been grooming since 2013.  She graduated from OSU-OKC with a degree in Veterinary Technology but elected to pursue grooming. She has 2 dogs, 3 cats and 1 horse. In her free time she enjoys horseback riding, baking, and competitive horse shows. Tracie has excellent skills with cats and large breed dogs.