Warwick Animal Hospital

12001 N MacArthur Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73162



Veterinarian Supervised Boarding Services  

Want to leave town, but need a place you can trust to take care of your little ones?  Let them stay with us!  

Warwick Animal Hospital has a climate controlled, clean, and dependable kennel.  Our staff prides itself on taking care of your pet as their own, monitoring eating and drinking habits, any change in stool or urination, and taking them outside to our enclosed yard for walks and playtime. 

We feel the advantage to boarding your pet with your veterinarian is our understanding the individual needs of your pets, administering medications if needed, ensuring that special diets are fed, and looking after the health of your pet on his/her stay.  

We have many different sizes of accommodations to fit your pet’s needs.  We will always allow pets to stay in the largest size possible home available, even for smaller dogs and cats.    

We have a large fenced in yard for your pets to play in while boarding with us! They can have individual playtime outside with our kennel assistants while boarding for an additional fee.

Requirements for boarding pets  
*All pets must be up to date on vaccinations and fecal exams.  This ensures the health of your pet and others from potentially very contagious parasites and infections.  
*If new to Warwick Animal Hospital, please provide proof of vaccination and fecal test results.  
*We require twice yearly kennel cough vaccinations due to widespread outbreaks in recent years, and due to current literature indicating this vaccine may not provide protection for one year.  
*Please bring any special medications and foods to be fed with specific instructions for use.  
*All pets must be picked up between 7am-6 pm Monday through Saturday, and as a special service to our clients, Sunday pickup is available from 5pm-6pm.  
*We are very busy with boarding over holidays, spring break, fall break, OU/Texas, etc. so please call  in advance to ensure a reservation.  We would love to have your pet stay with us.

Call now for your reservation! 405-722-7717 Boarding Check In