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Diagnostic Services - Digital Imaging

We love our X-ray machine! Digital radiographs - X-rays - are very helpful for diagnosing many problems we see every day. We may recommend radiographs to assess any lameness, coughing, vomiting and many other cases in which physical exam findings are abnormal.

Digital x-rays:

  • allow us to take multiple images quickly
  • do not require chemical processing of the image
  • are more detailed and clearer

We also have a digital dental x-ray unit to diagnose disease below the gum line.

Some cases may require additional imaging via ultrasound. Dr. Vazquez and Dr. Vega perform ultrasounds during the week. Many illnesses can be diagnosed via ultrasound that cannot be fully seen with radiographs or x-rays. For example, the veterinarian may recommend an ultrasound if he or she suspects an abdominal mass, or if there are abnormalities on lab work. Some of the instances where ultrasound is highly beneficial include:

  • Looking for fluid in the abdomen or chest.
  • Diagnose bladder stones.
  • Differentiate a tumor on the spleen versus the liver.
  • Measure intestinal thickness.
  • Look for gastrointestinal foreign material.
  • Look for enlarged lymph nodes in the abdomen.
  • Examine the valves inside the heart.
  • Look for tumors.
  • Examine further the size and shape of organs that cannot be felt.