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Laser Therapy

We are happy to offer laser therapy for all sorts of pains and ailments!

Our Class IV therapy laser by Cutting Edge is a great tool to relieve pain and inflammation. We have used the laser to manage:

  • cystitis (urinary bladder inflammation)
  • hip dysplasia
  • osteoarthritis
  • wound healing
  • post-surgical
  • acute trauma
  • pododermatitis
  • back pain

Laser therapy improves patient care by giving us an effective drug-free treatment for pain and inflammation to use in animals that cannot take traditional medical therapies.  There are no known side effects, it is non-invasive, is well-tolerated by pets (they just have to sit still!), works well in conjunction with other pain medications, and may reduce the need for surgical and medical therapies.

The benefits or laser therapy are numerous, and includes:

  • accelerated tissue repair
  • faster wound healing
  • less scar tissue formation
  • less pain
  • less inflammation
  • improved vascularity

Laser can be used on any inflammatory condition!

Although improvement is often seen after the first session, effects are cumulative and most patients require several sessions for greatest benefit.  The length and frequency of treatments will vary for different patients and conditions, but is typically 2-15 minutes, 1-3 times a week.